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Top 10 Fashion Bloggers Most Sexy Legs

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers Most Sexy Legs

Photo by/via 5inchandup

With the Summer around the corner what would be nicer to go with tiny mini's, shorts and skirts then a pair of nice sultry legs? and oh yes, let them be long! very Long!

After having seen the Closets, Homes, Pets and Boyfriends, this weeks Top 10 is all about the blogspheres most Sexy Legs! 
Long, lean, glossy, sporty, skinny or curved and with or without the Gym, Tanners and lotions, these Fashion Bloggers have every reason to flaunt their legs all year round!

Check out this weeks top 10 Fashion Bloggers Most Sexy Legs!

1) 5inch and up

Sandra's beautiful feminine and sporty shaped legs give sex-appeal to even the most simple shirt dresses when wearing high heels.

2) Tuula

Jessica's sexy long legs seem to go on forever and ever and even when covered by a light weight skirt they still give that perfect balance between sex appeal and sensuality!

3) The Blond Salad
Chiara's posh and sexy legs always look lush and radiant! For those who aren't blessed with Chiara's glossy genes a subtle self tanner or body perfection gel will have to do!

4) 4th and Bleeker

Nobody but Alexandra knows how to flaunt hot glossy legs!

5) Cherry Blossom Girl

Alix her beautiful skin and gorgeous curves remind us sometimes of 50s pinup models but only few of them could look as sensual as Alix!

6) Karla's Closet

Karla's classic curves and legs are just amazing and look so in any of her looks!

7) Chic Muse

Long slinky legs are not only chic but sexy as well!

8) Song of Style

Aimee's long legs always look amazing whether in shorts, jeans, mini's or maxi's! Biking just became sexy!

9) Kayture

Kristina gorgeous legs never fail to give that hint of sex appeal to even romantic and sweet looks!

10) Gala Gonzalez

Gala's legs look truly perfect and like many, I would commit a murder for a pair of these ;)

11) Native Fox

Whoever told you that Barbie's figure was unrealistic was lying! The proof: Jennifer with her gorgeous long stamps!

12) Fashion is a Playground
And last but not least on the sexy leg list comes Aurélia. 
This Parisian Lady goes with a pair of amazing dewy legs as well!


Top 10 Fashion Blogger Weddings

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Top 10 Fashion Blogger Weddings

 photo robe-de-mariee-wedding-dress-paulinefashionblogcom_-2-2_zps9ea97438.jpg
photo paulinefashionblog by Jean-Laurent

After the Top 10 Fashion Blogger Boyfriends and Hottest Boyfriends I couldn't resist taking a look at the Weddings! These Fashion Bloggers shared their amazing wedding days, receptions and ceremonies in picture perfect posts and an new Top 10 was born! Gorgeous dresses, bouquets and uhm yes Husbands!


1) The Cherry Blossom Girl

One of the most beautiful weddings and lets not forget the absolutely gorgeous dress was the wedding of Alix and Manu!

photos by Marianne Taylor

 photo cherry_blossom_wed_09_zpsc4e6af4b.jpg  photo cherry_blossom_wed_02_zps3e8d077c.jpg  photo cherry_blossom_wed_08_zps4abda460.jpg  photo cherry_blossom_wed_04_zpsa03f560c.jpg

2) Gal meets Glam

Blogger Julia and her Thomas had a stunning and picture perfect wedding day! I'm so in love with Julia's hair and make-up, she looks absolutely gorgeous!

photos by Silvana di franco

 photo 4cf5e63addfbc8f54cd4de91ca674641_zps6dcfeb4c.jpg  photo Screenshot2013-05-11at123107AM_zps8ad26a9e.png  photo gal-meets-glam_zpseb615831.jpg

3) Cupcakes and Cashmere

Another picture perfect wedding, that of Emily and Geoffrey! I love the photography!  

Photographs: Max Wanger

 photo IMG_3720copy_zpse876c0d2.jpg  photo IMG_3750copy_zps862a0928.jpg

4) Zanita

Zanita looks absolutely stunning and glowing! Happiness indeed.

Photography by Katrina Hawley at Third Eye Photography

 photo Screenshot2011-10-19at64059PM_zps8e9bfcdd.png  photo Screenshot2011-10-19at63308PM_zps8babde44.png  photo Screenshot2011-10-19at63214PM_zpsfe776292.png  photo Screenshot2011-10-19at63351PM_zps302e85c8.png

5) the ManRepeller

Leandra and her Mr Cohen awesome wedding! Loving the dress and loving the jacket with the dress!

photography Shedrin&Rubi Town &Country

 photo 01-TCX-man-repeller-leandra-medine-1112-promo_xl-mdn_zpsd54f24e5.jpg  photo 0065-636x424_zps44a8cb25.jpg

6) Fashion is a Playground

A beautiful wedding with beautiful photo's, so sweet and romantic!

Photos : Lucie Sassiat et nos familles

 photo 12_zps52fe0779.jpg  photo 6_zps4a9d9be0.jpg  photo Laceremonieaujardin-AampD15sur191_zps3044dc01.jpg  photo Aucocktail-AampD298sur371_zps9df6655d.jpg  photo 9_zps262f2ab7.jpg

7) Oracle Fox

A perfect Bohemian Beach ceremony!

photos by Jonas Peterson

 photo williams179_zpsfbcfeb38.jpg  photo williams188_zps9dde0805.jpg  photo williams231_zps3e29f09a.jpg  photo williams471_zps7426b7b8.jpg

8) Pauline

A gorgeous City Wedding with beautiful photography a lovely wedding dress and the perfect matching shoes!

photos by Jean-Laurent

 photo photo-mariage-blogueuse-mode-jean-laurent-gaudy-copie-19_zps74ba3af4.jpg  photo photo-mariage-blogueuse-mode-jean-laurent-gaudy-copie-30_zpsc021c3f6.jpg  photo photo-mariage-blogueuse-mode-jean-laurent-gaudy-copie-20_zps6b457012.jpg  photo photo-mariage-blogueuse-mode-jean-laurent-gaudy-copie-15_zps312326d3.jpg  photo photo-mariage-blogueuse-mode-jean-laurent-gaudy-copie-12_zps4934f0b4.jpg  photo robe-de-mariee-wedding-dress-paulinefashionblogcom_-17_zps5f63413e.jpg  photo robe-de-mariee-wedding-dress-paulinefashionblogcom_-2-2_zps8ddb49bd.jpg  photo robe-de-mariee-wedding-dress-paulinefashionblogcom_-3-2_zps9c17cec6.jpg

9) Park&Cube

Shini and her significant other's wedding with amazing and fun shots and a perfect ceremony!  

Photos & editing by Piotr & Gabriel (wedding) + Marcin & Natalia (Photo sessions)

 photo 13_zps1c739abb.jpg  photo 12_zps3e57cfc8.jpg  photo 15_zpse914bd88.jpg  photo 11_zpsdfde41b6.jpg  photo 05_zps27c0bfe2.jpg  photo 02_zpscf6192ab.jpg

10) Personal Uniform

Sophia and Alasdair's wedding photos are perfectly beautiful for a perfectly beautiful day!

All photos by Steffen Böttcher

 photo 51dd73709aaf68b878510ad13df31b60_zps894e0a32.jpg  photo d50f2768740d80a72d1f81189271e24c-1_zpsc9f2110c.jpg  photo a07554fca19b6689bac4b932fff89e75_zps37012ea8.jpg

11) Chriselle

Chriselle + Allen look so perfect together and the ceremony and flower bouquets are beyond gorgeous!

photos by Jana Williams

 photo chriselle-wedding-23_zpsfc989f5e.jpg  photo chriselle-wedding-22_zps6d4179dc.jpg  photo chriselle-wedding-11_zps56125c58.jpg  photo chriselle-wedding-26_zps69be0ec5.jpg  photo chriselle-wedding-32_zps592986fe.jpg

12) Kelli Murray

Kelli's wedding theme is personal in every way and we just love everything from her gorgeous dress to the tiniest little details.

photos by Erica.

 photo 6_zpsfc7b1b34.jpg  photo 14_zps4b6c2820.jpg  photo 11_zps45fe202e.jpg  photo 9_zps6f8ab252.jpg  photo 15_zpsacb3eb79.jpg  photo 5_zps4b936a1e.jpg  photo 1b_zpsbc167246.jpg

13) MlovesM

Mara loves Matthew and their beautiful wedding ceremony is just heavenly!

photos by Bret Cole Photography

 photo mm_1078_zps38aa8b9d.jpg  photo mm_0985_zps175d2a13.jpg  photo mm_0876_zpse0aa9435.jpg  photo mm_0493_zpsbdf5356a.jpg  photo flowergirls_zpsb0ea14e9.jpg  photo cakecookies_zpse593a23e.jpg  photo mm_0573_zps3a492f3f.jpg

14) Little Chief Honeybee

Little Chief Honeybee's wedding is perfectly themed and and everything just matches up top to bottom! 

photos by arrow & apple

 photo 7_zps79dbc1a2.png  photo 5_zps1592e530.png  photo five_zps367fb795.jpg  photo six_zpsc41d51a8.jpg  photo 33_zps05f0455e.png

15) Orchid Grey

We are loving the short dress and bridesmaids dresses!

 photo JULIE-CHRIS-BLOG24_zps0de277db.jpg  photo JULIE-CHRIS-BLOG22_zps97322643.jpg  photo JULIE-CHRIS-BLOG43_zpsdde02dbc.jpg  photo CHRISJULIE_erica1_zps8b9bd8e7.jpg

16) Bluebird 

Last but certainly not least is the wedding of James and Aubrey! 

Photographer: Brooke Schwab

 photo 6a00e554f1ae938833017d3dee99c8970c-800wi_zpsaa0d14ce.jpg  photo 6a00e554f1ae9388330168e6fdea40970c-800wi_zpsd6b34757.jpg  photo 6a00e554f1ae938833016761fbf411970b-800wi_zps7754cd64.jpg  photo 6a00e554f1ae938833016761fcba69970b-800wi_zps0dbe27a7.jpg  photo 6a00e554f1ae938833016301073dd9970d-800wi_zps5a6bcb86.jpg  photo 6a00e554f1ae938833016301070f41970d-800wi_zps6c14386a.jpg  photo 6a00e554f1ae9388330163010741d4970d-800wi_zpsbaaf75a5.jpg