Wednesday, 11 January 2012

diy leather fringe keychain

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

diy leather fringe keychain

Like your phone and bag, keys go everywhere you do. So why is the keychain such an overlooked accessory?

Those lonely keyrings adorned with laminated grocery rewards cards, gym memberships and freebies from the bank/car dealership have gots to go - it's time to swap in
a statement that looks just as chic in your hand as the bracelets that line your wrist!
How to: DIY Leather Fringe Keychain
You will need:4 Ft. leather cord
1 D-Ring (we bought ours at Jo-Ann Fabrics)

1. Cut four 12 inch pieces of leather cord.

2. Tie lark's head (cow hitch) knots by folding one piece in half then thread through the D-Ring.

3. Loop through and pull tight to create one piece of fringe.

4. Continue to do this with the 3 remaining pieces of leather.

5. Attach your new and improved keyring and voilà!

Photos: because im addicted for stylehive in collboration with Sophie Monet

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