Saturday, 9 March 2013

Gypsy Inspired Style

So when I say Gypsy Style, I’m not talking about the monstrosities in that ‘Big Fat Gypsy Weddings ’program.  I’m talking about nomadic, hippy, no ties, bohemian, romantic gypsies who express their carefree nature with great clothes and accessories and most of all creative flair, I love it I love it I love it, don’t judge how loosely i use the term gypsy!

Borrowed Gypsy style – the flowing clashing fabrics look both decadent but also befitting to the theme

Hand made wrist bands trending again, add coin charms, fabric or leather to play down if you’re into making them yourself to gypsify

This image is a far cry from the Romani’s however the over the top accessories, bright mismatched beads could be. I just love all the colours, she’s like a walking treasure chest, perfection.

Perfect footwear for peeping out below flowing maxi skirts

I’m a massive fan of the stacking ring trend, however I like the more rustic approach of these rough silver rings, combined with only a couple of sparkly stones. Clear quartz is a winner too if you believe in the healing powers of semi precious stones.
Clear Quartz is linked with the Crown Chakra but may be used to amplify and align all Chakras. It is said that it can help with pain relief, improve strength and stamina and also assists in treating vertigo, chronic fatigue; arthritis; fibromyalgia and intestinal problems.
For the super spiritual it is said that it assists Psychic ability, Channelling and it provides a connection between the physical dimension and the dimensions of the mind and as such is ideal for meditation.
Clear Quartz is also an ‘Angel Crystal’ and helps you connect more powerfully to connect to your own Angels and Guides making communication with them easier….ok Gypsy Gina enough now!

 This is super travelling circus inspired, but there is something about sequins and a tambourine anyone who owns both automatically registers in my gypsy style books.

 This is a spectacular photo in its own right however the patchwork maxi skirt is a winner in the gypsy style stakes and perfect for the sewers to use up their scrap materials. The patchwork element is also widely used for decoration and perfect for Gypsy inspired events and interiors.

Total clash of Patterns, Fabrics and Colours. Chiffon blouse teamed with heavily beaded and embellished tassled  clutch, manages to work. I’m particularly fond of the bracelet which seems to be a hodge podge of all sorts of ancient beads a  polished stone slice and an ornament dolls head, the kind of choice that’s probablygood for photos but best kept in the jewellery box for future generations to paw over.

 Simple long sleeved maxi dress in a pale coral. The bell sleeves, buttons and tan belt folkarise the look, however its the necklace and leather cuffs that gypsyfy this photo for me.
I love this off the the shoulder peasant style top in lemon yellow, and if I could chop of this girls legs and stick them on to my torso I would.
charms, amulets, magical powers perhaps? All acceptable in my terms for inclusion into my modern gypsy style books. I also really like noisy jewellery.
All the images in this post have been copied from Pininterest, due to the nature of the medium I can not confirm their source, however if you do please don’t hesitate to contact me so I can give credit where credit is due.


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