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A Rainbow Inca Empire

Friday, May 11, 2012

����⟐��◎��⟐�� A Rainbow Inca Empire ��⟐��◎��⟐����

It has been a full on last six weeks.  With my beloved in Peru recording his new album I have learned what it is like to be a single Mama for a bit and wow, much respect to all the woman who have once walked these shoes.  We are all so brave and as I like to say wild woman!   I feel ~wild~ in so many ways!

Peru had been calling me for many years and in 2008 I was able to make a six week journey down to the land of the Sun.  We were living in New Zealand at the time and the winter rains had just began to greet us.  It seemed like the perfect time to cross the seas.  My partner had been traveling back and forth to Peru since his early 20's so he was of course the perfect travel guide.

The Sacred Valley is exactly that.   There are ruins in every direction so we would journey daily to climb the hills and soak up the energy of these ancient portals.   We ventured all throughout the land staying with  indigenous families who took us in like their own, because of course, we are all family right?

The beauty of the indigenous never cease to capture my heart.  They have been my greatest teachers in this lifetime.  Living so simply and so close to the earth.  Their hearts exploding with love for life and all that surrounds them.   I like to think of them as walking rainbows against the muted earth.  Their clothes are mostly hand woven alpaca and colored with plant dye.  Some of the vintage weavings we have come across are a technology that I never knew existed.  So amazing that those still alive don't even remember how to weave in that manor.   It's just as beautiful to them.  They use the resources that surround them and give thanks like no others!

Ceremony is a big part of the Andean culture.  The despacho is one of my favorite.  A Shaman is present and makes offerings to the mountains (apus), Mother Earth (Pachamana), and other spirits of nature in reciprocity, reverence and thanksgiving.  A despacho is an act of love and a reminder of the connections we share with all beings, elements, spirits, and sacred places.  At the deepest level, it is an opportunity to enter into the essential unity of all things.  The shaman works with Coco leaves and other gifts from the earth along with rainbow confetti.. (i haven't figured out what this is about)!!

Many people of course are being called to these lands to work with the plant medicines.  Ayuhuasca and Huachuma being the main ones.   The Amazonian jungle, home of the Shipibo tribe is the  center for holding Ceremony though you can usually find places to drink medicine all throughout Peru.  These plants have been healing Humans for thousands of years.    With all of the suffering happening on our planet during these times, it's no wonder so many are using these plants as tools and guides in helping us to remember whatever it is our hearts have forgotten.  Someone recently showed me a fashion post where a so called "hip" clothing company made a t~shirt with the words "ayuhuasca, peyote, desert drugs".  This saddened my heart to see the use of the word "drug" for these sacred medicines and what upsets me further is that they are selling these to others spreading this message.  In reality, they are very sacred and powerful medicines that in my opinion should only be taken in South America or by someone who has studied for many, many years with a teacher from the South.  It's an insult to the people and even more of an insult to the plants.  This is where the Ho'o'ponopono comes in!!  We created this!

I could share pages and pages of the beauty that emanates from this ancient civilization.  I am grateful to be making the journey back down to this magical land.  Even more Grateful that I am able to bring my 19 month old daughter down so that she too may bathe in this ancient energy.   I am looking forward to meeting  my lover  and hearing his new sounds along with all of the other beautiful music that is played on every corner.   I am looking forward to spending hours on end at the markets gathering treasures and eating choclo, the best corn ever! I am looking forward to dancing with Pachamama and most of all,  continuing to open my heart to the beauty that is.


They say we came from the stars. They look like star beings to me!
Uros Island on Lake Titicaca~ an entire island made of reed

Amaru Muru

Ancient Star Portal

Trading Seashells for Crystals

Plant Dyes

The most amazing markets I have ever seen

Magical Weavers
Working with the Shaman
Machu Picchu

Sacred Stones

Despacho Ceremony

An offering Agustin and I made

Ancient Seed Bank

Salt Flats

Purple Maiz
Giving Thanks to all Spirits of the Earth

~ I am excited to be supporting the Andean Indigenous Culture  and will be bringing back some of my favorite Peruvian bling to post in the shop!   See you all mid June!!!  I love you! Ciao~ xx Amy

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