Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Allsaints 'Owain' Jacket: The jacket that DREAMS are made of!

Allsaints 'Owain' Jacket: The jacket that DREAMS are made of!

Hey lovelies! Anyone who knows me will be well aware I have been lusting after this Jacket from Allsaints since I saw it on Georgias blog a while back. As you can imagine I was absolutely delighted when it fell into my arms at Christmas. Delight soon subsided when,to my horror, I discovered it didn't fit. In true Morven style, I fell into extreme desperation and what can only be described as blind panic when after calling every Allsaints in the country, I was informed that the only size 6 left in the entire UK was sitting in Manchester. After exhausting ALL of my contacts in Manchester in vain, I decided to resort to Twitter, calling any fellow bloggers in Manchester who could help me with this particularly arduous situation. Luckily, and to my absolute DELIGHT the fantastic Helen from Clear Your Heart came to my rescue and unbelievably offered to pick it up for me and send it all the way up to Scotland for me. I really cannot thank this lady enough for her help in my quest for the perfect leather, and if you haven't visited her blog, I sincerely hope you do!

Now that I have this in my life I am selling my other leather jacket over at my shop. Take a look if you like!

Speaking of blogs, I thought I'd give you my top 12 from 2010. I follow hundreds of blogs so this was really really hard and I have so many favourites but here you go anyway,off the top of my head and  in no particular order:

Anchor Rose

Thank you to everyone who read my blog in 2010,I seriously didn't expect one reader never mind over a 1000! Really thank you all so so much! :) Here's to a happy and healthy new year! Love you all!

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